Sneha Chowdary

Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies has been instrumental in my career journey. The expert faculty, focused pre-placement and aptitude training, and supportive environment made me interview-ready. A Big Thanks to our Management and the faculty for their constant support and guidance throughout this journey, I'm well-prepared for the road ahead, and have been placed in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.

Vishal M

From classroom to corporate, my journey has been a ride of growth and discovery. Thanks to my college's unwavering support—be it through presentations, club activities, aptitude classes, or group discussions—I've built a strong foundation. These experiences not only sharpened my skills but also expanded my perspective, leading me to my placement at Ceasefire. A heartfelt thank you to everyone—family, friends, and college—who has been a part of this incredible journey.

Bhavesha GM

I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Talentserve as a Management Trainee in Sales, Marketing, and Operations. The role has allowed me to gain valuable experience in all three areas, and I am confident that the skills I have learned will be instrumental in my future career. I am particularly grateful for the mentorship and support I have received from my Principal and teachers, who have helped me to develop my skills and knowledge. Overall, RIMS could provide you with a strong foundation for success in the management field.

Sudeep Gowda .S

Company - Games 24x7, Risk Analyst I am truly grateful for the invaluable training I received at Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies. The comprehensive program equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in my role as a risk analyst at Games 24x7. The practical insights gained during my time at the institute played a pivotal role in securing this fantastic job opportunity.

Bindu. J

I am grateful for my experience at Ramaiah Institution of Management Studies in Bangalore. It was a journey filled with exploration and learning. I had the opportunity to participate in various college events, allowing me to apply what I learned in the classroom to real-life situations. The professors were not only knowledgeable but also approachable and supportive, always ready to clarify our doubts and guide us along the way. The placement department deserves special mention for their exceptional efforts in bringing numerous companies to campus and providing us with comprehensive training on grooming, aptitude, and group discussions. This preparation proved invaluable as it equipped us with the necessary skills to excel in interviews and secure placements. Personally, I was fortunate to secure an internship at Talentserve, an opportunity that allowed me to further enhance my skills and gain practical experience in my field of interest.

Anushka Narayan

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation to Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies. This journey wouldn't have been the same without the incredible guidance and support from our trustees, Dr. M R Pattabhiram sir and Anita Pattabhiram ma’am. Their vision has truly set the stage for our success, and I'm beyond grateful for their dedication to our growth and development. I also want to extend my deepest appreciation to our principal, whose leadership has been nothing short of inspiring. She's not just a principal; she's been a mentor, a guide, and a constant source of motivation for all of us. And of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing faculty members. From their innovative teaching methods to their unwavering support, they've truly gone above and beyond to ensure that we have the best possible learning experience. RIMS has been more than just a college for me; a place where I've not only gained knowledge but also made lifelong friendships and memories. So here's to RIMS—for shaping us into the leaders of tomorrow and for giving us the tools to chase our dreams. Thank you for everything!


Hi I’m Harshith H pursuing my Pgdm program at ramaiah institute of management studies , and I have to say choosing to join Rims two years back was the best decision I’ve made since I was not clear about my career path and objective before but now more focused and clear on What I have to do , when and how because of remarkable placement opportunities I’ve been Placed in India’s biggest FMCG’s I’m so grateful for that, And the whole process was made easier majorly because of pre-placement training , Aptitude Training which played a crucial part throughout, and inclusion of business communication not Only improved but helped us expertise in communication made us learn the ways and many More, non teaching staff are always humble and kind , Our professors who were always there For me it may be syllabus doubts or life advices they made sure they helped me and they do Take attention on all the other students the same way so thanks for that , and Our principal mam Who’s always giving us great insights and SWOC analysis held with mam are too helpful and finally Thanks to our trustees for providing us everything that we require At the end I would also like to mention the events and club activities which have made me corporate ready and have prepared me to face any kind of situations in my future.

Shreya Shetty

I want to take a moment to thank our amazing college Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies (RIMS), our college Management, Principal and Faculty for all their support in helping me secure a placement! The guidance and encouragement I received throughout my time at RIMS truly made all the difference. It's because of them that I landed a position at GRANT THORNTON as a Tax Analyst. Thank you all for everything! I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and excited for this new chapter in my career.


"Thanks to Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies, I landed a role as a Product Analyst at Beroe Inc. The faculty's guidance and the pre-placement training sessions were pivotal in preparing me for interviews and the industry. The placement department's continuous efforts ensured I had ample opportunities. Grateful for the support from my alma mater!"

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