At RIMS, we are devoted to nurturing well-rounded professionals ready to excel in the global marketplace. Our Skill Enhancement Programs are meticulously designed to bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world practice in Finance, Marketing,  Human Resource (HR) and other specialisations.

Here students will dive deep into core financial concepts and analytics, gaining hands-on experience in various financial tools and techniques.

Students will explore the dynamic field of marketing with a focus on crafting compelling strategies and leveraging data for insightful decisions through marketing analytics.

– Students will Master the critical functions of human resource management alongside HR analytics, covering talent acquisition, performance management, and employee engagement.

Enhance your global competency with our German Language Certificate Program, offering linguistic proficiency and cultural insights, preparing you for International professional engagements.

“Empowering Success: Our Pre-Placement Training for the PGDM Program”

At RIMS, we believe that a robust foundation is key to achieving career aspirations. Our Pre-Placement Training Program for PGDM is meticulously designed to bridge the gap between academic education and industry requirements, ensuring that students are well-prepared to seize exciting job opportunities that come their way.

Here’s an overview of what our Pre-Placement Training entails:

a) LinkedIn Profile Optimization
In the digital age, a professional online presence is indispensable. Our training encompasses
comprehensive guidance on optimizing your LinkedIn profile. From crafting compelling summaries to
showcasing your achievements and endorsements, we ensure that recruiters can easily find and be
impressed by your online professional persona.

b) Resume Building
A well-structured resume is your ticket to getting noticed by potential employers. Our experts will
provide personalized assistance in curating a professional, eye-catching resume that articulately
presents your skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

c) Personal Branding
Personal branding is about showcasing your unique value proposition to the world. Our program
walks you through the essentials of personal branding, helping you to build a strong, authentic brand
that resonates with your career goals and attracts the right opportunities.

d) Mastering Interviews
Interviews can be daunting, but with the right preparation, they become an avenue to shine. Our
training includes mock interviews, feedback sessions, and a deep dive into common interview questions and effective strategies for answering them. We cover various types of interviews,including behavioral, technical, and case interviews, ensuring a holistic preparation.

e) Soft Skills Enhancement
Apart from the above, we offer workshops and sessions on various essential soft skills required in
the corporate world. Topics covered include effective communication, time management, problem-
solving, and teamwork.

f) Continuous Support
Our engagement doesn’t end with training. We provide continuous support and mentorship to
ensure that you are always on the right path towards achieving your career ambitions.
Enroll in our PGDM Program and invest in your future. At RIMS, we are committed to nurturing
capable, confident professionals ready to make a significant mark in the industry.

Aptitude Tests are essentially designed to test the common abilities and skills that an
individual should possess in order to perform their jobs effectively. RIMS recognize the importance
of imparting training to our students in the area of aptitude skills and thereby make them proficient
to take the aptitude test with confidence during the campus placement season.
RIMS provide training to its students in the following areas.
– The Inductive Reasoning Aptitude: Test assesses a person’s capacity for logical reasoning. It
assesses an individual’s ability to determine the outcome based on a limited amount of
– Linguistic aptitude: An individual with this aptitude will find it easy to pick up new languages.
– Physical Aptitude: This exam gauges a person’s strength and other physical attributes
including agility and hand-eye coordination.
– Numerical aptitude: This exam evaluates a person’s capacity to interpret numerical data and
is relevant for jobs in banking or finance.
At RIMS you will be nurtured from day one with respect to enhancing hands on aptitude training
which makes you ready to step into the world of corporate and thereby help you achieve your career

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