Club-Hub is an excellent place where students get to know and keep in touch with other likeminded students. These activities aid the students to explore, gain experiences, enhance the practical knowledge and enhance the skills of their respective domain. Our Institution has seven clubs/hubs, where we conduct minimum two and maximum threeactivities in a semester to enhance the skills and give the practical knowledge on the concepts learnt in classroom.These club activities ARE STUDENT DRIVENACTIVITIES where one or two faculty members shall facilitate the activities

HR CLUB-“Humaines Zest” - ‘People enabled and to enable people’
The HR Club / Hub aims in integrating the industry practices to the students and conduct activities for the benefit of the students. 

The students gain practical knowledge on the HR core functions, viz., staffing, development, compensation, safety, health, employee and labour relations. 


Finance Club of our Institution works towards boosting interest in finance and indulge students’ interest through competitions, workshops and professional opportunities. This club helps in pursuit of careers in finance and act as a bridge between the industry requirements and the students’ community learning. This club aims to keep abreast with the current developments in the areas of finance such as financial markets, instruments, regulations, etc.

MARKETING CLUB – “MARCLAN” – A Budding House of Marketers

The marketing club strives to put all the marketing theories into practice. This club / hub offer students an all-round experience of marketing and enables them to come up with creative thinking ability in solving problems related to marketing issues. This cluborganises various activities and keep the students proactively engaged with latest happenings around the marketing world.


The operations club aim is to bridge the gap between the classroom sessions and practical understanding of operations.  Operations club engages the students in various activities and keep them aware of recent happenings in the domain area.


This club strives to promote and equip the students to improve on skills that are vital for career in analytics. This club provides an opportunity to practice and perfect the students analytical and programming skills on real life business problems. This club aids in connecting the students to industry professions through social events, where they exchange experience and ideas.


This club / hub aims to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and to provide them a platform with ample learning opportunities & industry exposure in the domain of entrepreneurship.


RIMS Research Hub is a platform to nurture individuals’ research skills. It strives to promote exchange of information and knowledge in research. This hub encourages students’ and faculty members to involve in research activities.


Rotaract Club is a 1.22 Million strong fraternity of Young Changemakers with a presence in 183 countries worldwide. Rotaract club brings together people, aged18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service. RIMS Rotaract club ID 212992 registered under Rotary International District 3190 is sponsored by Rotary Raj Mahal Vilas, Bangalore. RIMS Rotaract Club is a one stop solution for enhancing communication skills, develop interpersonal skills, build a strong network and for serving the society.

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