At the beginning of their Semester, all I Semester students were provided with a booklet which enabled them to jot down their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges (SWOC) along with an action plan to take advantage of their strengths to reap the opportunities and to overcome their weaknesses and challenges. At the end of the Semester, these booklets were individually reviewed with every student by a panel comprising of Dr. Swapna – Principal of RIMS and Dr. Prasad Linganna – Associate Professor of RIMS. The panelists, after listening to the students, offered their observations and suggestions to the students to continually keep working on adding more strengths, minimizing their weaknesses, taking advantage of opportunities, and overcoming challenges. The students were also informed that their SWOC would be reviewed at the end of each semester until they pass out of the Institute. The students expressed their happiness about the program and said that they have greatly benefitted from the one-on-one session with the panelists.

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