“RIMS Unleashes AI Revolution in Education: Experience the Future of Business Education in India with AI”

At Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies, we’ve just raised the bar for business education in India! Our latest event, a first in the realm of AI-driven learning, has been a game-changer for our PGDM students. 🚀

In an educational landscape often characterized by conventional methods, Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies (RIMS) stands out as a beacon of innovation. We’ve recently concluded a groundbreaking event for our PGDM students, setting a new precedent in the integration of AI and marketing education in India. This event wasn’t just a learning exercise; it was a bold leap into the future of business strategy and technology.

A Journey Through Innovation

*🔹 Round 1: The Barter System -* Our journey began with the foundational concept of trade. In this round, students were immersed in a modern barter scenario, honing their negotiation skills and strategic thinking, proving that even the oldest forms of commerce have relevance today.

*🔹 Round 2: Unleashing Creativity with DALL-E 3 and Microsoft Copilot-* Students then embarked on a creative odyssey, using the AI tool DALL-E 3 to design innovative packaging. This round was a testament to the power of AI in transforming simple ideas into visually stunning designs.

*🔹 Round 3: Building Brands with & ChatGPT -* Here, the fusion of technology and marketing came to life. Students used and ChatGPT to craft compelling brand stories, demonstrating the seamless integration of AI in building brand identities and digital narratives.

*🔹 Round 4: Social Media Savvy with AI -* The digital era’s marketing was showcased as students created engaging text-to-video content using HEYGEN and social media posts through DALL-E 3, highlighting the role of AI in crafting impactful digital marketing campaigns.

*🔹 Round 5: The Shark Tank Finale -* The crescendo of our event was the Shark Tank challenge. This wasn’t just a pitch session; it was a real-world test of how well students could integrate their AI-powered ideas into viable business proposals. It was here that the true potential of our students, armed with AI tools and business acumen, shone brightly.

Why RIMS is a Trailblazer in Business Education

At RIMS, we’re not just imparting education; we’re redefining it. Our event is a clear indicator of our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological and educational advancements.

– Innovative Curriculum: We believe in a curriculum that’s not just theoretical but also rich in practical, cutting-edge technology.

– Real-World Application: Our hands-on approach to learning means students don’t just understand concepts; they apply them in real-world scenarios.

– Fostering Future Leaders: We equip our students with not just knowledge, but the skills essential for tomorrow’s business leaders – adaptability, strategic thinking, and tech-savviness.

Step into the Future with RIMS

Are you ready to be part of a transformative educational journey? At RIMS, we’re not just following the future; we’re creating it. Join our PGDM program and be part of an institution where innovation, technology, and business converge to create the leaders of tomorrow.

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