• RIMS- Faculty Development Program

    • 22 February 2019

    Innovative Andragogical tools for Learning and Development-an experiential learning methods in Adult training and facilitation.

    It was a One-day knowledge exchange program in Adult Learning and Training(FDP-2019)that was successfully conducted at RIMS on 22nd Feb,2019.

    The FDP received an overwhelming response of  30 participants from varied colleges of management namely PES University,Jyothi Nivas,Acharaya institute of graduate studies,SJR Tumkur University,SB College of management studies,BIT School of Management,Al-Ameen institute of management studies,CMR University  in Bangalore.

     Inaugural Ceremony:

    Prof.Julie Sunil,the host and the facilitator of the event welcomed all the guest speakers,the dean,the core committee members and the participants for a transformational learning session.

    The Program commenced with an invocation song  sung by Ms.Chaitra  to invoke the presence and seek the blessings of Almighty,Lord Ganesha .

    The founder,Dr.M.S.Ramaiah was offered floral tribute and remembered  with  great honour and respect by the guest speakers,Dr.Ali Khwaja,Mrs.Poornima,the dean,Dr.Radha.R,the core committee members Dr.Swapna, Prof.Prasad Linganna and a participant.

    Learning and Development(L&D) session I:

    The first session was conducted by the resource speaker,Dr.Ali Khwaja.

    Dr. Ali addressed  students as ‘Digital Natives’ and expressed his concern in making the teaching-learning platforms comfortable.If a student cannot learn the way we teach,let us teach the way he learns(that is through stories and real-life examples) .

    Dr.Ali’s session was narrative and interactive with an element of humour which made the participants good listeners and learners.

    So indeed it was practically proven through his live session that knowing ‘Ramu’ could actually make the exchange swifter and effective.

    Learning and Development (L&T)  session II

    A series of practical and interactive activities were conducted by the resource persons Mrs.Poornima Ganesh and Dr. Vishwesh.

    These activites made the participants learn, understand and unleash their respective skills needed to become an inspiring teacher.

    Post-lunch session  :Learning and development(L&T) session III.

    Mr.Ramani Venkat conducted the final session.He is  a NLP trainer and an entrepreneur,a corporate trainer,a motivational speaker who conducts mind power workshops across Asia.

    He advised the faculties to see the world from a child’s eye or be child-like as a  child has a tremendous potential to solve most difficult problem. He shared many riddles ,activities and puzzles to make the participants learn,unlearn and relearn many facets of student’s personality.

    The tools he recommended for effective classroom learnings included powerpoint slides,videos,case studies,live scenarios,mockathons,gamifications…..He concluded by stating that words are powerful and the teacher should understand its relevance to inspire students.

    Vote of Thanks and Valedictory Ceremony:

    Prof. Rejimon Thomas expressed his sincere gratitude to all the resource persons who enriched the participants and made the session extremely rewarding with plenty of useful takeaways.

    The Dean,Dr.R.Radha shared her thoughts on the need to bridge the gap between teaching and learning styles.To be an inspiring teacher, a teacher should be like a mother (bending,holding hand and matching the pace with their students).

    Finally in the valedictory ceremony all the participants were awarded with certificates and their respective feedbacks were collected.