“RIMS adds another feather in the cap” Higher Education Digest Publishes RIMS as 10 MUST WATCH BUSINESS SCHOOL IN INDIA – 2022

Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies (RIMS): Creating Better Employability Opportunities in the Management Education Domain

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Today, with accelerated globalization, organizations experience massive pressure from various key stakeholders of the business environment. In fact, the dynamism in this environment has led to a rise in opportunities and threats to businesses. Thus there is a dire need for skilled resources to effectively address the challenges encountered by modern-day businesses. This need generated has institutes beginning to increasingly specialize in management education. This degree is viewed as a launchpad into the corporate world and is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the dynamic and competitive global economy, experts must understand and accept the need for up-gradation. The various complexities that come with future market trends need to be incorporated into the management education framework to maintain relevancy. Perfectly poised in the business education domain is the Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies (RIMS), a division of the M S RAMAIAH Foundation. MSRF was founded with the vision to be a global centre of learning to evolve competent human resource assets with professional skills, ethics, and personal values. “Our mission is to provide a comprehensive learning experience to develop our students to be the most preferred products by the corporate. RIMS is one of the top management colleges in Bangalore that offers an AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program,” says Dr. M. R. Pattabiram, Founder Trustee, M. S. Ramaiah Foundation and Director of Ramaiah Institute of Management Studie

Dr. M. R. Pattabiram, Founder Trustee, M. S. Ramaiah Foundation and Director of Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies (RIMS)

Dr. Pattabiram walks us through the state-of-the-art facilities the institute has to offer. The campus is sprawled with well-designed classrooms equipped with air conditioners and overhead projectors. In addition to the regular classrooms, RIMS also has smart classrooms that facilitate computer-based learning. The entire campus has access to the Internet via a 100Mbps dedicated Internet connection. So, in tandem with a smooth internet connection, the cutting-edge computer labs with the latest hardware and software help students enhance their learning capabilities. RIMS continually strives to stay ahead of the trending technology waves. The institute firmly believes that emerging technologies such as Industry 4.0, BlockChain, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, 3D printing, and so on can disrupt businesses around the world. Keeping in mind that these will be the in-demand skills of the future, RIMS is exposing students to these technologies through guest lectures, seminars, and workshops. In addition, RIMS is also imparting a Data Analytics course to students across three semesters to enhance their employability and be ready for the future. The campus boasts a well-stocked library with more than 10000 National and International volumes of management books, journals of National and International importance, and an EBSCO database to facilitate research. Events of academic nature are held at an impressive Seminar Hall that has complete audio-visual facilities. Catering to every type of student and their needs, the institute has disabled-friendly infrastructure such as entry/exit ramps and disabled-friendly toilets. Students from outside Bangalore are housed in very comfortable hostels that are very close to the campus, and students are taken care of very well at the hostel by wardens and faculty members who also double up as their guardians. “The RIMS campus has been aesthetically designed to provide the right ambience for teaching-learning and create a home away from home for the students who come to RIMS from across the country. We boast of a highly diverse ethnic environment, and our students get an insight into the life and culture of different regions of India via cultural activities that reflect the diversity of the country,” adds Dr. Pattabiram.

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