• Rotaract Club Activities – August 2018

    • 30 August 2018

    RIMS-  Rotaract Club  – August 2018 Activities

    1.Kerala, Coorg Flood relief – 25/08/2018
    Following the drastic impact of Monsoon Rains in the state of Kerala and Coorg from 13th August to 20th August, the people of the nation united to lend a helping hand to the affected population. RC RIMS in partner with the Rotaract Club Of Kempegowda undertook the responsibility to arrange for the necessary provisions to support the affected. The plan was put to action on 19th of August where the college and the staff were given a week’s time to make their contributions. On 25th August , all the necessary provisions like toiletries, sanitary napkins ,grains and drinking water were collected and handed over along with Rs 7000 in cash, to RCK.
    2.Onam Celebration – 27/08/2018
    It was a momentary action. A carton of the Onam Sweet , “Payasam” was set aside and distributed among the people of the Mathikere Slum. This involved 7 Rotaractors from our club who took up the responsibility of distributing the ”Payasam”. The efforts brought about the true joy of giving and sharing
    3.Letterhead Exchange – 3rd,6th,16th August 2018.
    Contacted the respective clubs online(Social Media- Instagram, Facebook, Email) and interacted with them.
    This was aimed at extending cooperation and support to each other at times of any events / projects.