• RIMS Cultural week -Utsava’18

    • 20 March 2018
    • 2:30 - 5:00
    • RIMS Campus

    RIMS Cultural week -Utsava’18(14 – 20 March 2018) was a week of festivities that engulfed and enthralled everyone on the campus with its vivid colours, program variety and energetic participation. We hadevents ranging from songs, dances, food, art and attire for students and staff – in other words no one was left untouched by the spirit of creativity and celebration. Antakshari challenged the best into recovering the elusive songs that failed to surface at short notice. Clay Modeling and Best out of Waste had studentsdirty their hands for hard work. They created the most appealing and viable items that reinforced the engaging principles of frugality and innovation. Cooking without Fire an event that cannot qualify entirely to make eatables of the kind the pre-historic man ate before the discovery of fire but was a distant second in preparing mouth-watering and nutritious dishes without chimney smoke. Proof of the taste was in the absence of crumbs and morsels; talk about clean plate! Songs and Dances have a universal appeal and at RIMS weclaim to be noexceptions. The event had a rocking start and ended with thunderous applause. Feet tapping and transcending decibels established new boundaries for future performers. The event will reemerge in all its glory at the RIMS Annual Day on April 14, where the top seven teams will put up a bold fight for the final verdict.