• International Study Tour

    • 4 December 2018

    International Study tour form 22nd Nov to 3rd Dec 2018.

    We encourage students to gain knowledge and explore new things not just within the boundaries, but also beyond them. For exposing them to global opportunities, we often organise educational trips to international destinations. Saint Augustine once said ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.’ At RIMS we believe it. So it is compulsory for all the MBA students to travel at least one foreign location. Life is not meant to be lived in just once place. This academic year weselected two very important destinations Dubai- Abu Dhabi and Singapore- Malaysia. Through travel a student can receive one of the best educations. The five days stay in the foreign country helped the students to savour the rich cultural heritage and modern lifestyle. The memories of the trip will always remain in their heart and will be cherished forever. Students participating in a foreign industrial and educational tour not only have a fabulous and unique time during their trip, but also benefit from many other advantages.

      1. Expanding students’ worldview
      2. Learning about Local Culture
      3. Meeting new people and making new friends
      4. Students’ increased motivation and prestige
      5. Culinary experience
      6. Understanding the importance of learning a foreign language
      7. CV building

    It is well worth it and the satisfaction from seeing the students’ enjoyment and experiencing the benefits they get out of a foreign trip are very rewarding. As Paulo Coelho said, ‘Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.’