International Study Tour

  • International Study Tour

    • 12 December 2017
    • Dubai

    On one end of the debate is whether the world is indeed round; on the other side is Thomas L. Friedman’s view on how globalisation has made the world flat. In this backdrop, business students of RIMS must take a round of the globe and see its flat market structures;the aerial view where markets look alike and the terrestrial one that reveals disguise and the undercurrents of differences in language, currency, culture, negotiation tactics and openness to strangers. Dubai attracts tourists with its feats of accomplishing the superlatives- the tallest sky scraper, the largest shopping mall apart from the shopping festivals and cosmopolitan culture.Therefore, it rightfully became the destination for the International Study Tour organized from13th to 19th November 2017. Sixty-three students with 3 staff members started the journey to Emirates. They visited Dubai, Abu-dabhi, and Sharjah. The unique architecture, city landscape, world-class infrastructure, tall buildings, metro rail and roads, rules and discipline became the topics of discussion and a quest on how the ‘model-city’ format can be duplicated in India. Desert Safari, shopping at the mall and visit to the Grand Mosque offered multidimensional experience of a contemporary business destination.