• Fintinktank (Debate competition)

    • 7 February 2019

    Finance club organised a Finthinktank on February 07, 2019

    Fintinktank (Debate competition) was organised from the finance club to the first and final year students on the topics, viz., Impact of technology on jobs; Is India ready for a chashless economy?; Is MBA necessary to be successful in business?; Merger of public sector banks : how beneficial is the merger of banks?; Is of doing business ranking of india : will the improvement in position really help?. The event co-ordinators for the event were Mr. Vikram B- PGPM+UOM, Mr. Karan G Rao- PGPM+UOM and Mr. Shobith. R – PGPM+UOM

    Prof. Prasad Linganna, was the moderator cum judge for the event and leaded for the teams on the discussion of the topics and finally decided the winner and runner of the debate and gave an overview of the errors done by the students and the loopholes on their debate.

    The winner of the event is Ms. Poojashree, PGDM (AU)

    The runner of the event is Ms. Kajal, PGDM (AU)