• 12 November 2018

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP WORKSHOP on ‘START-UP GUIDANCE’by Prof.Amlan Bhattacharya, Co-founder, ThrottlePAD 2.0 on 12-11-2018 from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

    The workshop was led by Prof. Amlan Bhattacharya who is the co-founder of Throttle PAD 2.0 and was an inspiring and informational session on how to be a successful entrepreneur from a unique perspective. He spoke on the milestones in life that people fail to notice and went on to present his facts and figures with regards to the ‘failure to talk in English’. He went on to stress on the barriers that prevent one from establishing themselves as an entrepreneur as in the failure stories of past entrepreneurs, the lack of motivation from the dear ones, and the failure to begin as the first generation entrepreneurs. He stated that the step to become an entrepreneur is to get a job and gather contacts which can aid them in getting the investment required for a start-up. He also spoke about the importance on exchanging business cards, maintaining a business card folder, and a note t jot down the ideas that find you in the most strange times. He also explained the forces of neighbouring countries awaiting to steal your ideas and how people in general donot want one to succeed as an entrepreneur. He also said that the best combination of people or group fit to start a business with its usual perks would be the ‘partnership’ and also made believe the fact of not registering your business until you believe the marketability of your idea and what you stand to make. He briefed on the ways of ‘unlearning things’ which can prevent people from not getting what they want. He calls Job as a ‘ Support System’ and says it stands for ‘Joining Other’s Business’. He believes the mantra to success id ‘ agree to everyone and do exactly what you want to do’. The session ended with the key question of ultimately what you want to do from all the different perspectives and an urge to make your own way rather than to walk one’s way.