9th Annual Convocation

  • 9th Annual Convocation

    • 4 November 2017
    • 2pm onwards
    • Memorial Hall

    The 9th Convocation of RIMS was held in M S Ramaiah Memorial Hall, Gokulaon 4th November 2017. Industry veterans and accomplished academicians graced the occasion. Spotlight was on the Graduands accompanied by their parents and guardians. The two year professional education at RIMS coupled with work experience was visible in thecomposure and confidence of the graduands; much to the delight of the RIFS family which had seen them come as unsure, naive youngsters. Director, Dr. M R Pattabhiram welcomed the graduands with fatherly affection. Those who deviated from the discipline in dressing, grooming and timing were duly reminded never to compromise the values taught at RIMS. Chief Guest, Dr. Manu Baligar delivered the Inaugural Address.Dr. Baligar is a Kannada writer, author, playwright, former civil servant and current President of Kannada SahityaParishat.He urged the students to make continuous learning a habit.
    The key aspects emphasized by him were: high ethical standards, efficient administration and selfless acts. Dr. S. Vishwanatha Bhatt in his Keynote Address sought to dispel the doubts on what constitutes good leadership. Dr. Bhatt said fifty percent employees follow theleader immaterial of the moral aspect (25% is always honest and the other 25% is always corrupt) and that made it sufficient reason to be a good role model. He stressed on government measures in creating jobs to absorb the growing population of MBA graduates, which presently exceeds the industry demand. DrVishwanath is awell-known consultant on economic and financial issues apart from Asset Management. The Convocation Address by Guest of Honour-Mr. Kishore Alva, Executive Director and Joint President for Adani Group’s Udupi Power Corporation Limited, complemented the thoughts shared by other speakers. He emphasized that to become stalwart of the nation one must pick up issues of the downtrodden. The effort will provide significant learning and transformation to the individual and will drive sustainable growth. Dr. K. R. Venugopalpresided over the ceremony and in his special address outlined the following tenets to deal with competition: Mental strength, sincerity, confidence and language skills. He urged students to stay focused and find time for sleep and rest.
    Dr. Venugopalis currently the Principal, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore University and is also a former Bangalore Special Officer, Government of Karnataka (December 2012-June 2016). The insightful message shared by industry and academic think tanks was followed with the award ceremony. Special awards for contribution in multiple areas of student activities in the campus was appreciated and applauded by the Director. Awards for leadership, peer group appreciation, library usage, attendance, helping juniors, among others added to the culture of rewarding intrinsic motivation and supportive attitude among management graduates.